Sunday, October 27, 2013

Today's Inspiration:Olivia Palermo's brooch on coat/sweater

Since it is fall time now, our coats and sweaters are out.  Most of the coats and sweaters for fall are usually are darker and neutral hues so, something that would add a little color for a simple out to make classier and stylish are brooches! I love how Olivia Palermo added a nice colored brooch pin on her side by shoulder. Also, matching your shoes a bit to your sweater or accessories always ties the outfit together. This looks like a perfect fall outfit, it is both cozy and stylish! Very classic.

Brooch: I love this brooch from nordstrom similar to the one below.
Sweater: The brooch can look dashing on anything either a sweater or cardigan/coat.

Olivia Palermo


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