Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to deal with procrastination?

Yes, you know what I'm asking here. We all have been there and and some of us have learned how to deal with it and most us... not quite. So, this summer I have basically been traveling and being lazy when I'm not traveling. Which is why I haven't been writing on blog. Not doing anything felt good then but not I feel guilty for wasting that much time I had in things that didn't do anything to me. I thought to myself that I couldn't be the only one who is getting lazy and procrastinates, right! right? right. Ok good. I did my research and got inspiration from many different places and people.

I'll to the point now, some ways discovered after long, long time are
1. The work you have comes first, I know its easy to do other fun things like watching tv or hanging our with our friends but make it your goal because it YOUR goal and its for your benefit. So tell yourself that you can't do other things until you finish your first high priority and extreme important thing. The following is what I saw on twitter from somebody's retweet but I lost the credits to the original person who tweeted this, It helped me and I hope it helps you.
"Break To-Do List to: (1) Urgent & Important (2) Non-Urgent & Important (3) Urgent & Non-Important (4) Non-Urgent & Non-Important" - unknown

2. Nobody can push you to start and finish your work better than yourself. So go ahead, tell yourself that you can do it and your first priorities comes first and then other things.


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